The murder at Sissingham Hall – Clara Benson

This is the first in the Angela Marchmont Mystery books, a set of detective/crime novels set in the 1920’s.

Despite being a modern book this has all the hallmarks of a classic 1920’s crime novel, a house party, a spurned liver, an affair, an Inspector from Scotland Yard who is shown up by a amateure detective, what’s not to love?

In the whole it’s an enjoyable book. It’s not written from Angela Marchmont’s perspective, in fact she seems to be a secondary character in the book and I don’t feel at the end of the story that I’ve really got to know her at all.

There’s some good personal realationship storylines to the book and the murderer isn’t immediately obvious, and there’s a plot twist.

It’s probably not the most difficult crime novel out there, and I thought the ‘big reveal’ of whodunit was a bit to East. Nevertheless I enjoyed the feel of the story and the setting. It felt a bit Georgette Heyerish to me, (detective not regency) but with a better plot.

I ordered the second one in the series at the same time, so that’s tonight’s reading sorted.


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