Cotillion – Georgette Heyer

This was picked at random out of a collection of Georgette Heyer’s when I was rush out the other day and needed a book in my handbag as a just in case book. As it happened I didn’t need it (we seemed to be plagued to sit in traffic jams last year and I got a bit frustrated the second time in a week when I didn’t have a book with me.

When I got home I decided to re read it anyway. This has never been one of my favourite Georgette Heyer’s and when I re read it I couldn’t think why. For some reason this time, and it’s probably  about the 7th time I’ve read it, I’ve suddenly realised how good it is.

There’s no strong dashing hero for the heroine to fall in love with, Freddie is considered a bit of a fool by his family. Jack, who could be a strong dashing hero is instead a bit of a cad.

Whilst Kitty, whilst determined, lacks some of the strong minded independent streak that some of my favorites Heyer heroines have, such as the grand Sophy, or Fredricia.

However I like the slow build in this story, the gradual romance. There’s less dictatorial passion and a more protective kindness. The resulting couple would be a blaze of glory, but actually this is one of Heyer’s pairings that I could really see resulting in longstanding happiness.

So this quieter, but rather charming book, has inched its way up the list into one of my favourite Heyer’s, one of the ones I’ll reach for when I’m ill or in need of a comforting pick me up.


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