The subtle knife – Philip Pullman 

This is the second instalment in Philip Pullman’s trilogy, and I enjoyed it far less than the first. In fact once I finished it I remembered that I never actually bothered with the third one as a child.

I didn’t mind the change of point of view from Lyra to Will, and I enjoyed seeing things from other secondary characters points of view. But there are too many characters to keep track of easily, I prefer David Eddings who usually keeps his numbers down to 5 or 6 in the main group.

There were also several new worlds introduced in this book and at times it what hard to remember who was doing what in each world.

The motivations behind the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sides are vast and a bit incomprehensible. The whole thing is turning into a theological debate and I think I should have read some Milton first.

I will try to persevere this time and read the third book, just to see what happens, but I hope it recovers the charm, consistency and direction of the first instalment. This one seemed to go everywhere at once and achieve very little.


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