More Christmas books

I’ve been reading more Christmas books over the holiday, starting with the rest of the collection from last time:



This one begins with one of my favorite chapters out of Little Women, and then goes on with some short stories from this author, one of my childhood favorites, that I hadn’t read before. These are all simple stories, well told, with sweet morals and full of old fashioned charm. They might not appeal so much to everyone nowadays but they brought back a childhood Christmas nostalgia for me and I found it a very enjoyable read.


This is the ‘real’ story of the night before Christmas apparently, and whilst these books are aimed at children, this one is less sweetly old fashioned and innocent than some of the others. It’s a familiar story, poor b0y meets rich girl, falls in love, then throw in a prostitute, the devil and a fabulous pair of shoes, and have a happy Christmas eve! Despite not being what I expected I possibly found this the most enjoyable of the books, but I would vet it first if you plan on giving it to younger children.


Whilst I have seen the ballet (Moscow City Ballet years ago) I’d never actually read the story of the nutcracker before. This was an enjoyable read although a bit preoccupied by peoples looks and I could never quite tell if all the people in the book were in fact toys. I enjoyed it but its probably my least favorite out of the set, I think I preferred the ballet version.


This is a charming story, all about the ‘real’ Santa Claus. Its a nice easy read, suitable for younger ones and ready to make us all believe in Santa again. I found it slightly slow starting, but a quick read once it got going.


I definitely enjoyed some of the stories more than others in this collection, not that any of them dragged, but some flew by, especially the title story. This one seemed aimed at slightly older children, and has more involved stories that were less sweet and simple, but very interesting and varied. A good read although not my favorite.

So there you go some of my Christmas reading, there was more and not all of it was children’s books I promise! I did really enjoy the chance to read some old favorites and make some new ones though. This set is very aesthetically pleasing to read and has a good, quite random, selection of Christmas stories. Definitely worth the purchase and ones I will probably re read each Christms time.



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