January reading

I have a list of five books lined up for January currently:

Work book club -a group of us in my work place recently set up a bookclub and Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman was chosen out of a hat (M&S extra strong mint tin). I have read this once before but as a child and I don’t remember the story, although I do remember being engrossed by it at the time so I am looking forward to revisiting this one.


I am joining in with the Mumsnet book club this year for the first time ever, reading the books at least, I always seem to have problems logging in to talk on their forums. This is their fiction book for January, I have no idea what its about, I didn’t even read the blurb, I just decided to go in with an open mind.


This is the Mumsnet non fiction book for January. I’m not really a non fiction reader but I figured there was no harm in giving this one a go. I have heard of it and its sounds less out there than the Kondo does an item give you joy stuff thats out there, personally my ironing board does not give me joy, but I’m not sure that’s good grounds to get rid of it! I’ll see if this is any more useful, although in fairness I am a fairly neat organised person anyway, but its always good to pick up a few extra tips and tricks.


I’ve found a few websites with prompts for this year, and I’ve combined several to create a list of 12, some challenging, some easier for me to follow this year. January’s is to read a book you like the cover of, and as I have been collecting the Penguin F scott Fitzgerald books recently, and this one is on its way to me courtesy of my annual Waterstones voucher off my Mil (one of my favorite Chrsitmas presents as always) I am going with This side of paradise. I am hoping to do a collection review on this set soon, I only have one more to buy, but I need to finish some of the others first. If you haven’t seen this Penguin collection it’s worth looking them up, the covers are simply beautiful, some of the nicest books I have in my collection.


Finally I am going to try to throw in a wild card/own choice book each month, and January’s is going to be Winter Holiday by Arthur Ransome. I recently had a bundle of Christmas books turn up from the Book People and this was in here. I know Christmas will be properly over and done with by the time I get chance to read this but I am looking forward to it. This is one of my favorite childhood authors so I am pretty sure I will at least enjoy this book out of my January reading, and its probably going to be the light relief thats needed!

I’m planning on using this set up to read five books a month this year, which is 60 books guaranteed, although I tend to read more like 100-150 a year, but I might not review everything I read, some will be old, well read favourites.

Is anyone else planning their book club reading this year, or following along with Mumsnet or a book prompt?


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